Canadian Peregrine Foundation:

Since 2003, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Plant has been home to nesting peregrine falcons.  An “at risk”species in Ontario, over 30 peregrine falcon chicks have hatched at the plant over the years, helping to secure a stronger future for these magnificent birds.   Each year, the chicks are banded and registered by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation (CPF).  Securing the chicks is no easy task given that the nest is located on the jumbo silos requiring a professional rock climber to repel down to the silo ledge to capture the chicks.

In 2014, a film crew requested to film the banding as part of a documentary series highlighting some of the wildlife found along the coasts of the Great Lakes and the role of the MNR in helping to preserve them.   Our support of this documentary provided viewers with a unique bird’s eye view of this incredible species while also illustrating that industry and wildlife can live together in harmony.