Flyway Habitat Project with CVC

CRH Canada Mississauga cement plant (CRH Mississauga), in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and Environment and Climate Change Canada, is proud to be developing a large-scale migratory landbird habitat restoration of land located on the south side of our Lakeshore Road property.  Annually, more than 325 bird species make the round-trip migration along the Mississippi Flyway from Canada to their winter home along the Gulf of Mexico and Central and South America.  Currently there are limited resources for these migratory birds in Southwestern Ontario which ultimately threatens their survival.   In 2017, CRH Mississauga employees helped out.

Over 60 enthusiastic staff members participated in planting events that resulted in 357 shrubs being planted in the fall of 2017. CRH Canada’s commitment to the Lake Ontario Flyway Habitat Project has resulted in two hectares of land being planted that will support migratory birds as they make their journey across Lake Ontario.”
Deborah Kenley Senior Coordinator, Greening Corporate Grounds | Credit Valley Conservation.

In total, over 1,400 trees, shrubs and plants have been planted.  CRH Mississauga is proud to support this local biodiversity effort which will provide an essential and safe stopover area for birds to feed and rest after their long flight home.

The children of CRH Mississauga employees also wanted to help provide safe homes for the many species that call south Mississauga home.  In 2016, the Mississauga plant and CVCA hosted a birdhouse building workshop for employees and their children.  The birdhouses are being installed within the Flyway Habitat area and at the Mississauga facility.  The children also took some home for installation in their own backyards.