Museums of Mississauga – Celebrating Heritage


For over a decade, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Cement Plant has been a proud sponsor of the Museums of Mississauga. The Bradley Museum and Benares Historic House are two historical gems located in the heart of the Clarkson community. The Mississauga Cement Plant is also a proud sponsor of the Friends of the Museums of Mississauga (FOMM) group.

The Friends of the Museums of Mississauga volunteer their time to raise awareness and funds for all Mississauga Museums. The CRH Canada Mississauga Cement Plant was proud to be a part of FOMM’s award-winning Log Cabin project at the Bradley Museum and also FOMM’s fundraising Galas which for six years were chaired by a CRH employee.

Whether sponsoring local Museum events such as Maple Magic or helping to support bus subsidies for schools attending programs at the Museums, CRH is very proud to sponsor the Friends Of the Museums of Mississauga group and Museums of Mississauga.

“The Museums of Mississauga appreciate the long standing support by CRH of Maple Magic – celebrating 25 years in 2018! We value the monetary support for engaging activities, but also the volunteers who have served hundreds of pancakes to our visitors. As one of our community partners, CRH demonstrates a strong commitment to culture and heritage in our community.”
Merri Fergusson
Museums & Education Supervisor