Mississauga Cement Plant Open House

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Cement Plant hosted an Open House for the community. The theme for this year’s event was Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Biodiversity providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about how cement is made and what CRH is doing to reduce its environmental footprint. Approximately 500-600 visitors took guided bus tours, enjoyed interactive displays and the opportunity to speak with CRH staff . Community partners also participated in the Open House including Earth Rangers, Credit Valley Conservation, Cement Association of Canada, Work of Wind, as well as students from Clarkson Secondary School. Thank you to everyone who dropped by to learn about CRH and how cement is made!

Pollinator Gardens at CRH Mississauga Plant

Native bee populations have been declining.

Approximately 400 species of bees call Ontario home, accounting for nearly 70% of all pollination activity. Pollinators are responsible for pollinating over 30% of our food supply.

In an effort to help protect local biodiversity, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Cement Plant has converted two previously grassy areas as well as the main gardens into pollinator friendly gardens. With the help of Credit Valley Conservation’s (CVC) Greening Corporate Grounds program, hundreds of native herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees have been planted in the pollinator gardens.

“The pollinator gardens are an exciting biodiversity project for the Mississauga Plant”, explains Breanna Campbell, Environmental Coordinator. “We worked very closely with CVC to transform our existing garden plots and also to build a very large, new pollinator garden on the north side of our office building. Employees helped to plant 49 different species of native trees, shrubs and plants within the three gardens – planting 1,508 plants which we hope will attract bees, butterflies and other local insects.”

The employees of the Mississauga Cement Plant are proud of their efforts to attract and protect local wildlife. Whether attracting insects to the pollinator gardens, providing habitat and food for migrating birds through their Flyway Habitat Project or protecting at risk species such as Peregrine Falcons, biodiversity efforts are alive and well at CRH Mississauga.

Museums of Mississauga – Celebrating Heritage


For over a decade, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Cement Plant has been a proud sponsor of the Museums of Mississauga. The Bradley Museum and Benares Historic House are two historical gems located in the heart of the Clarkson community. The Mississauga Cement Plant is also a proud sponsor of the Friends of the Museums of Mississauga (FOMM) group.

The Friends of the Museums of Mississauga volunteer their time to raise awareness and funds for all Mississauga Museums. The CRH Canada Mississauga Cement Plant was proud to be a part of FOMM’s award-winning Log Cabin project at the Bradley Museum and also FOMM’s fundraising Galas which for six years were chaired by a CRH employee.

Whether sponsoring local Museum events such as Maple Magic or helping to support bus subsidies for schools attending programs at the Museums, CRH is very proud to sponsor the Friends Of the Museums of Mississauga group and Museums of Mississauga.

“The Museums of Mississauga appreciate the long standing support by CRH of Maple Magic – celebrating 25 years in 2018! We value the monetary support for engaging activities, but also the volunteers who have served hundreds of pancakes to our visitors. As one of our community partners, CRH demonstrates a strong commitment to culture and heritage in our community.”
Merri Fergusson
Museums & Education Supervisor

Flyway Habitat Project with CVC

CRH Canada Mississauga cement plant (CRH Mississauga), in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and Environment and Climate Change Canada, is proud to be developing a large-scale migratory landbird habitat restoration of land located on the south side of our Lakeshore Road property.  Annually, more than 325 bird species make the round-trip migration along the Mississippi Flyway from Canada to their winter home along the Gulf of Mexico and Central and South America.  Currently there are limited resources for these migratory birds in Southwestern Ontario which ultimately threatens their survival.   In 2017, CRH Mississauga employees helped out.

Over 60 enthusiastic staff members participated in planting events that resulted in 357 shrubs being planted in the fall of 2017. CRH Canada’s commitment to the Lake Ontario Flyway Habitat Project has resulted in two hectares of land being planted that will support migratory birds as they make their journey across Lake Ontario.”
Deborah Kenley Senior Coordinator, Greening Corporate Grounds | Credit Valley Conservation.

In total, over 1,400 trees, shrubs and plants have been planted.  CRH Mississauga is proud to support this local biodiversity effort which will provide an essential and safe stopover area for birds to feed and rest after their long flight home.

The children of CRH Mississauga employees also wanted to help provide safe homes for the many species that call south Mississauga home.  In 2016, the Mississauga plant and CVCA hosted a birdhouse building workshop for employees and their children.  The birdhouses are being installed within the Flyway Habitat area and at the Mississauga facility.  The children also took some home for installation in their own backyards.


60th Anniversary Open House

In 1956, St. Lawrence Cement’s Mississauga Plant began production. Sixty years later, as CRH Canada Group Inc., the plant celebrated its past, present and future with a celebration of epic proportion.

The celebration began on Friday, September 23rd with a private event for vendors hosted by the Mississauga Plant and the CRH Canada Procurement Team. 91 representatives from our vendors attended with 37 of them flying in for the occasion. The vendors appreciated the invitation and enjoyed celebrating our partnership over the last 60 years.

The celebrations continued on Saturday with an early morning Retiree Breakfast with 45 Mississauga and Ogden Point Quarry retirees returning home to the plant. Retirees were welcomed with chauffeured golf cart rides to the event venue, a delicious breakfast with the Open House volunteers and a bus tour of the plant.

The celebrations ended with the final event, the 60th Anniversary Open House for the community. Approximately 350 visitors, including local MP for Mississauga-Lakeshore Sven Spengemann, were welcomed through the gates of the Mississauga Plant and provided the opportunity to meet CRH employees, peruse departmental displays, enjoy a barbeque lunch and tour the plant by bus. Children learned how cement becomes concrete – making decorative concrete garden stones.

Children of all ages also had the opportunity to clock the best time on the popular remote control display! We presented two donation checks on behalf of the plant, totaling $60,000, to Armagh House and Ian Anderson House, two local community organizations that we are proud to support.

On behalf of the CRH Mississauga employees and retirees, we wish to thank everyone for your well wishes and support. Happy 60th Anniversary CRH Mississauga!

Mississauga Gives (Armagh House / Shoe Box Project)

CRH Canada’s Mississauga Plant is a proud sponsor of Armagh House – a second-stage housing program offering secure and affordable housing to abused women, with or without children, for up to one year. CRH provides financial sponsorship, but also hosts employee fundraising campaigns in our workplace. We help to raise awareness and funds in support of Armagh’s “Back to School” campaign, as well as providing gifts during the holiday season. The employees also host food and “peanut free” school snack drives throughout the year in support of the families at Armagh.

For the past several years, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Plant has also supported the Shoebox Project for shelters “which collects and distributes gifts in the form of shoeboxes to women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in communities across Canada and the U.S.” CRH employees raise funds and volunteer to fill decorated shoeboxes with items valued at $50 including toiletries, holiday treats, and gift cards.

Canadian Peregrine Foundation:

Since 2003, CRH Canada’s Mississauga Plant has been home to nesting peregrine falcons.  An “at risk”species in Ontario, over 30 peregrine falcon chicks have hatched at the plant over the years, helping to secure a stronger future for these magnificent birds.   Each year, the chicks are banded and registered by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation (CPF).  Securing the chicks is no easy task given that the nest is located on the jumbo silos requiring a professional rock climber to repel down to the silo ledge to capture the chicks.

In 2014, a film crew requested to film the banding as part of a documentary series highlighting some of the wildlife found along the coasts of the Great Lakes and the role of the MNR in helping to preserve them.   Our support of this documentary provided viewers with a unique bird’s eye view of this incredible species while also illustrating that industry and wildlife can live together in harmony.

Earth Day Activities at Mississauga

For over a decade, employees at CRH Canada’s Mississauga Plant have participated in Earth Day activities which include a one hour cleanup of the local community and plant.  Each year, approximately 75 employees volunteer to pick up litter along the local roadways surrounding the plant. Earth Day events also provide employees with the opportunity to learn about the environment and biodiversity.

In 2017, Earth Day focused on Bugs & Bees with the University of Guelph’s BioBus. On site the students educated employees about the various species of insects found in the local area.

In an appreciation of the employees’ efforts, the plants host a lunch for all the volunteers!